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North Western

Adventure awaits you in Northwest Ontario. Home to world-class hunting and fishing, the bustling city of Thunder Bay and a rich Aboriginal history, you will be astounded by the variety of activities available to you. In the Northwest, a wilderness playground of lakes, trails and parks welcomes you.

Northwest Ontario is home to vast untouched boreal forest and pristine freshwater lakes & rivers, filled with record-breaking muskie, walleye, pike and bass. Home to hundreds of fishing lodges, from drive-in lakes to fly-in outposts, the region is an angler's paradise. It's also a top destination for bear, moose and whitetail deer, with many hunting lodges. It is home to some of Ontario's most remote provincial parks and countless opportunities for backcountry hiking and paddling. In winter, ice fishing and snowmobiling keep the outdoors enthusiast busy.

The largest city in Northwest Ontario, Thunder Bay is a launching point for outdoor adventures, sightseeing and scenic getaways, as well as unique urban experiences, such as harbour cruises, Finnish pancakes, saunas, and fine dining. Dramatic vistas of mountains, cliffs, and water abound. The gorgeous new waterfront is the perfect gateway to sailing adventures on Lake Superior. Learn about Canadian history at Fort William Historical Park, the world's largest reconstructed fur trade post, where you can experience life as it was 200 years ago.

Not far from Thunder Bay, visit famous natural & cultural sites. Visit Sleeping Giant, a natural rock peninsula that is named for its resemblance to a giant sleeping person. Home to numerous wildlife, a boreal forest and incredible views, this is a must-see location. Muster up your courage and step onto Canada's largest suspension bridge; extending 600 feet across Eagle Canyon and rising 152 feet above the canyon floor, this is an experience never to be forgotten. Sheer rock faces line the Ouimet Canyon and protect the northern shrubs that cover its rocky bottom; follow the trails, stop at the observations decks and take in the breathtaking views.