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A Land of Indulgent Escapes

Luxury Ontario

Imagine sipping a fine vintage sitting on the pier of a shimmering lake, or taking flight in your own helicopter above the roar of mighty Niagara Falls. Try sampling the local food, fit for an epicurean king before meandering through rolling green vineyards discovering artisanal wines. How about popping a bottle of champagne at the top of one of Toronto's most iconic buildings, or experiencing pure luxury at a Spa fit for Hollywood royalty?

Ontario is world renowned for its natural beauty, and it has quietly and elegantly positioned itself as an 'off-the-beaten-track' luxury destination. Offering discerning travellers the ultimate in indulgent escapes; from tranquil lakeside lounging in Muskoka, to winery exploring in lush Niagara-on-the-Lake and high-flying designer living in cosmopolitan Toronto. Immerse yourself in a luxury getaway in Ontario.